15th Annual Conference . Autonomy – What Gives You Meaning ?

Closing Address; Ms. Christine Mc Dermott. Chairperson. It has been a long and informative day.  We started with a theme Autonomy: what gives you meaning?  The question was deliberate to provoke discussion.  Personal autonomy is an essential component of human rights in a fair and just society.  But what is it this concept that occupies […]


14th Annual Conference . Responding to the Challenges of Change.

Opening Address, Ms Karen Brennan. Chairperson IAANMP The theme of this year’s conference is Responding to the challenges of change, and in the words of Heraclitus…. There is nothing permanent except change The concept of change, and change management is nothing new. Heraclitus was one of the  ancient Greek philosophers. He was infatuated with the […]


13th Annual Conference – Thinking Outside the Box

Welcome address by Ms Karen Brennan, Chair IAANMP

No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it.
We need to see the world anew.

Albert Einstein

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