International Links

The IAANMP has a rapidly increasing international presence, welcoming international members and participating in international activities. We are in collaboration with the German Network since 2013.

This collaboration has provided opportunities for colleagues to build professional relationships and to disseminate nursing knowledge and leadership across specialities, cultures and countries.

Committee members have presented at conferences in Berlin, Copenhagen,Munich and  presented this September in Frieburg. The consolidation of nursing links is fundamental to the progression of advanced practice at both a national and international level.









Committee members presenting in Berlin.


Freiburg Gernamy 2017.
Ms. Madrean Schober[USA] ,Ms. Daniela Lehwaldt [German network], and Ms. Karen Brennan [Chair IAANMP].

Links have been recently established with the Association of Advanced Practice Educators UK. For advanced  practice week 2017 the AAPE UK provided four personal reflections on Advanced Practice relating to Poland, Ireland, Mauritius and Chicago, USA.

See link to access interview with Ms. Emily Lockwood [RANP Emergency], University Hospital Waterford.

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