Christmas 2017 Newsletter

December 2017.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

It seems Christmas comes around faster every year, or maybe its just my age!

I am writing on behalf of the association committee to touch base with you and to wish each and every one of you a happy christmas and a healthy new year.

2017 saw significant changes in advanced practice. In November, Minister Harris launched a new programme for advanced nursing practice (ANP), which will result in the delivery of 700 ANP posts by 2021. Requirements for registration will not however change.Latest figures from NMBI show that there are now 240 RANMP in the country. Congratulations to all who recently registered.

Restrictions to RANP/RANMP practice , in particular the issue of Ionising Radiation and the prescription of exempt medicinal products are a persistant concern. In April of last year committee members met with Ms. Anne Marie Ryan, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer highlighting our concerns. Ms Ryan advised there is currently no legislative impediment to nurses referring patients for all forms of ionising radiation. In December of 2017 communication was also established with Ms. Maureen Nolan Director of Nursing National Lead for the Implementation and Audit of Nurse Prescribing of Ionising Radiation and Medicinal Prescribing. Feedback would again suggest that restrictions are from a local level not national level. Ms. Nolan has advised that if a service need is identified that demonstrate that a nurse should be referring patients for CT and if there is support from the  Director of Nursing and the relevant Consultants then the matter should be brought to the LIG Meeting for inclusion in the local policy.

The extension of prescriptive authority to include exempt medicinal products is still under consideration by the NMBI / HSE OMNSD.

Committee members met once again  with Ms. Mary Wynn ONMSD in November. Challenges to advanced practice were discussed at length. The meeting was very productive. The association are assured of support from the ONMSD.

Unfortunately our bid to host the International Congress of Nursing [ICN], 2020 Nursing conference was unsuccessful. Feedback would suggest that our bid was none the less most impressive. We do not perceive this as a defeat, rather a steep learning curve, and we intend to submit again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank most sincerely committee members Christine Mc Dermott [Vice chair], and Emily Lockwood [Treasurer], for their hard work and dedication in bringing the submission to the ICN. I would also like to thank Dr. Daniela Lehwaldt [DCU] for all her sound advice and direction.

In conjunction with NMBI, we were scheduled to facilitate an Advanced Practice Symposium in September. Unfortunately due to the unavailability of key nurse leaders it was decided to reschedule for early 2018. As you the members have advised, it is essential that we create a shared understanding of advanced nurse midwifery practice. Once again we invite you to submit your queries/ concerns re advanced practice in your areas and we will present them at the symposium.

We were delighted to be part of the first Advanced Practice week to be held in Ireland to coincide with very successful annual Nurse Practitioner week in the USA. Colleagues from all over the country took the opportunity to show case their specialist areas and raise the profile of advanced Nurse Midwife Practitioners. In keeping with the international theme, our colleague Emily Lockwood RANP [Emergency] shared the Irish experience of Advanced Nurse Midwifery practice with Ms. Claire Tubbritt, Coventry University.

In conjunction with colleagues in DCU, presentations were made in Freiburg, Germany in September of this year. For those of you interested in presenting at an international level, the next ICN conferenced will be hosted in Rotterdam, check out their website for further details.

Work is currently underway with respect to our annual conference. We will keep you updated. If you wish to present or have any suggestions for the conference, please do not hesitate to contact us via

We will have our new website up and running in the New year. You will all be advised when we ‘go live’ and you will be provided with login to members corner.

Please keep in touch.

Best wishes, and Nollaig Shona,

Karen Brennan.


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