Christmas Newsletter 2016

December 2016.

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am writing on behalf of the association committee to wish each and every one of you a happy christmas and a healthy new year.

Its been a fast but productive year. 2016 saw the celebration of 20 years of advanced Practice in Ireland. Sincere congratulations once again are extended on behalf of the association to Ms. Valerie Small and ANP colleagues in St. James Hospital who so valiantly blazed a trail.

Latest figures from NMBI show that there are now 200 RANMP in the country. Congratulations to all who recently registered.

The committee are working hard on your behalf.

  • In April committee members met with Ms. Anne Marie Ryan, Deputy Chief Nursing Officer. Here concerns re restrictions to RANP/RANMP practice were discussed.

Ms Ryan advised of the following;

There is currently no legislative impediment to nurses referring patients for all forms of ionising radiation.Certain restrictions have been employed by certain employers but the accountable professional for ionising radiation within a service is the consultant radiologist.This is supported by EU regualtion and the Medicine Council.


Legislaion is formulated to support the prescription of medicinal products from a full formarly of medicines provided that the product is one that would be given in the usual course of service provision in a particular setting.The extension of prescriptive authority to include exempt medicinal products is still under consideration by the NMBI / HSE OMNSD.


  • We have been invited to submit a bid to the International Congress of Nursing [ICN], to host the 2020 Nursing conference. The ICN holds a conference every second year to provide a forum for the sharing and exchange of nursing knowledge. This is a prestigious event, with previous conferences having been held in Hong Kong, Australia, South Africa, Canada and the United Kingdom, to name but a few.

Hosting the conference is an unmissable opportunity to showcase our Nursing achievements, and may serve as opportunity to entice some of our experienced nurses back home. This conference will bring International focus to Ireland. The legacy of this conference will serve not only to enrich nursing but will enhance the profile of Ireland as the country of a hundred thousand welcomes.

  • Committee members are scheduled to meet with Ms. Mary Wynn ONMSD in January.The purpose of this meeting is to explore avenues whereby we might facilitate the professional development opportunities of the members of the Association.
  • Working with NMBI, we are also preparing to present to the Irish Association of Directors of Nursing and Midwifery [IADNAM]. As you the members have advised, it is essential that we create a shared understanding of advanced nurse midwifery practice. We invite you to submit your queries/ concerns re advanced practice in your areas and we will present them to the IADNAM.
  • Work is currently underway with respect to our annual conference. We will keep you updated. If you wish to present or have any suggestions for the conference ,please do not hesitate to contact us via
  • For those of you interested in presenting at an international level our German colleagues are hosting their 4th International conference in Please see link below.

  • The next ICN conferenced will be hosted in Rotterdam, check out their website for further details.


Nollaig Shona


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