Why Join the IAANMP?

Our Association was established in January 2004 and membership consists of Advanced Nurse Midwife Practitioners from a broad spectrum of specialties throughout Ireland. The IAANMP represents a cohort of highly skilled and dedicated practitioners who have delivered quality value for money care to thousands of service users within the Irish healthcare system. Apart from the obvious benefits such as peer support, creation of links and sharing best practices, the group has been instrumental in ensuring the progression of a vision of Advanced Nursing Practice at both a national and International level.

The IAANMP continues to be the only national organization for Advanced Nurse Midwife Practitioners of all specialties.We represent the interests of over 100 advanced nurse midwife practitioners and practitioner candidates, from over 40 specialist areas.It’s an extremely bright future. We’ve enjoyed incredibly positive press. This is reflective of the fact that nurse practitioners provide high quality healthcare, and the public recognizes our tremendous value.


Advanced Nurse Midwife practitioners  are better positioned than ever to be at the forefront of solving many of today’s health care challenges.It is critical that all legislators know that nurse / midwife practitioners are a part of the answer to the current health care crisis . The IAANMP want to make sure that nurse practitioners are aware of how decisions are made and how they need to participate in the process. That includes getting to know the political agenda so that when a healthcare issue comes up they direct their healthcare legislative

Together we can improve our nations health through partnership with government agencies.


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